January 03, 2012

Happy New Year to all

Happy New Year to all!
2012 is off and running, with a vast amount of cataloguing taking place at Moorabool Antiques in preparation for our 2012 Exhibition.

A favorite is this enamel box, just palm sized, and beautifully painted.

It is English, and was made at one of the South Staffordshire production centers, such as Bilston, dating to around 1770.
For many years these were all called "Battersea" enamels, the thought being they were made in a short -lived works in Battersea, London. This firm was short lived, and examples are very rare: 98% of enamels we come across are either made in South Staffordshire or Birmingham.

It is one of a group of enamels we will have in our 2012 Exhibition, where it will be released for sale.

It is also a milestone stock item, being our 15,000th piece to be catalogued!
By a coincidence, piece 14,000 last year was also an enamel- a head of a pug dog!