February 22, 2013

Moorabool's 2013 Exhibition has started with a bang!

Busy times at Moorabool Antiques!
On Saturday 23rd February, 2013, the annual Moorabool Antique Galleries exhibition of recent acquisitions was opened. A good crowd attended, with many items being quickly 'red spotted' by keen collectors.

Taking place in our upstairs gallery, there were over 500 fresh pieces to chose from.

This was also the revealing of our new Picture Hallway- a new space that makes anything placed I it look smart!

My next post will detail some of the interesting pieces in the display, including this fabulous pair of Chelsea Gold Anchor vases.

All items in the exhibition are now listed on the Moorabool website.

February 09, 2013

Catalogue almost ready!

I am pleased to say the 2013 Moorabool catalogue is coming along nicely. Due to be released on Saturday 23rd February, it's filled with an amazing collection - over 60 pages this time!
 Here are a few items from the 500+ items in the 2013 Recent Acquisitions exhibition.
Wedgwood basalt hedgehog, or porcupine, early 19th century
Derby vase, circa 1758-60

Lowestoft coffee can, circa 1758-60

Creamware coffee pot, decorated in the workshop of David Rhodes, circa 1775

English enamel scent bottle, South Staffordshire, circa 1780

A selection of Staffordshire enamel card trays, 1780's

Blanc-de-Chine figure of Guanyin, circa 1680

Just plain silly!
A 'Grebe' jug by Brannam of Barum, circa 1900

Swansea cup & saucer, flowers by Billingsley

These are a few samples from the 2013 Catalogue. Once completed in the very near future, it will be a downloadable PDF and posted here.

Any questions, feel free to email us!