November 09, 2014

2015 Catalogue.....

We're excited to announce our next catalogue, to be launched early 2015. Over the past year, we have accumulated a host of interesting items, mostly ceramics. They will be well documented with painstaking research, and beautifully illustrated in the colourful format of catalogue we have pursued over the past few years. The items in the catalogue will then be the core of our 2015 'RECENT ACQUISITIONS' exhibition, to be held in our Geelong shop. This will be February some time.... date still to be announced. Join our email list on   to be alerted when items are viewable.

Meanwhile, here are a few of the pieces currently being processed: we'll post more as the year draws to an end.

above:  a gaggle of English coffeepots, all 18th century.  left to right: Wheildon type (ex Zorensky Collection); Jackfield type with beautiful cold-painted decoration, a rare survivor; Pearlware Chinoiserie; Redware (ex Rosenberg Collection).  

Lots more to come.... photography begins this week.