September 25, 2011

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September 10, 2011

Figure fun at the Fair

We have an entire cabinet dedicated to 18th century porcelain figures at the AAADA fair in Sydney.

There are a startling number of different manufacturers represented.
Above (left to right) is a small Orleans white figure of a boy; an Italian Doccia figural snuff with an embracing couple; a small white Mennecy (French) box in the form of a Chinaman, with silver mount hallmarked for 1750-6; a larger Mennecy box with a reclining shepherd and his dog, Paris marks for 1762; and a fantastic Saint Cloud snuff box in the form of a reclining buffalo, with a comical colorful Chinoiserie scene to both sides of the lid, bearing Paris hallmarks for 1738-44 to the silver mounts.
In the background are two examples of "Water" by Derby.

This group includes a very rare Chelsea-Derby miniature figure of a gent, marked with a double-anchor mark unique to a handful of these figures; A scent bottle is from the extraordinary rare firm of St James, previously known as 'Girl in the Swing'. This piece is a Commedia d'arte piece, with Columbine and Harlequin, and has a swan stopper. The seal to the right is a lady with an anchor, representing 'Hope' . She was part of the famous Blohm collection.

Animals feature in this scene, with seals- a pair of kissing doves and a hen & chicks from Chelsea, and a comical dog from St James. In the background is a herd of Derby Deer.

More seals include another comical St James piece - a dwarf in a tricorn hat, looking for all the world like a later period Toby Jug, but dating to circa 1750.
The other seal is a boy with a flaming torch, probably representing Winter, and also St James, mid 18th century.
In the background is a remarkable Vienna figure of a couple, a rare perfect piece from the 1760's.

All these items are available on the Moorabool Antiques website.

The Moorabool Stand

Here's our stand at the current AAADA fair.

Our French corner is particularly satisfying, dominated by a bust of Marie Antoinette.

The Oriental ceramics were very well received. Here is a cabinet full of blanc-de-chine, most of it Kanxi circa 1700.

A good number of people have attended, thank you to all who could make it.

September 09, 2011

AAADA Fair, Sydney

Moorabool is currently exhibiting at the AAADA fair at the Randwick racecourse, Sydney.

It's held in the Pavilion building, a neo-chinoiserie building which was built in 2000. Unfortunately, the word is out that it's days are numbered.... It is due to be demolished and replaced, so come and see it for one last time.....

It had been a superbly busy time, a well attended event with a smorgasbord of delights for antique & art lovers.

Cataloguing for 2012

We are currently beginning the rather daunting task of preparing for the 2012 catalogue and exhibition.

From early Meissen to some very interesting English porcelains, I will be highlighting these items over the next few months. Drop back to share our discoveries - and eventual catalogue.