February 23, 2010

Here's a view of the lower floor of Moorabool Antique Galleries - home to the largest stock of Genuine Antique Ceramics in Australia.

Antique is defined as over 100 years old, and while a large portion of Moorabool's stock is from the reign of Victoria - who was on the throne 1837 - 1901 - a significant amount dates to the Georgian period, ie the time George I, II, III, & IV, a period spanning most of the 18th century, from 1714 - 1830.

The Ceramics dominate, but alongside you will find furniture, silver glass, old Sheffield Plate, artworks of all descriptions, and 'objects de vertu' - small precious items of great beauty.

In all, there are over 7,000 items in stock. A proportion is available on the website, www.moorabool.com