March 01, 2010

The Johnson Collection visits Moorabool

We were pleased to entertain a distinguished group of visitors on Saturday the 27th February, the Friends of the Johnson Collection of Melbourne. They were treated to an introduction to our research facility, and a good chance to browse the various nooks & crannies of Moorabool Antique Galleries.

Here, John Rosenberg, founder of Moorabool Antique Galleries waxes lyrical to like-minded Antique enthusiasts, sharing his admiration for Queen Caroline. This is the Lorraine Rosenberg Reference Library of Ceramics in our upstairs gallery.

The  Johnson Collection is a Melbourne treasure, a living private museum, set up by the late William Johnson and kept as a house museum. Johnson was a dealer / collector / decorator with genuine flair. You can visit for one of their tours almost every day, and they host exceptionally good exhibitions.
What I like about the collection and house is the way it constantly re-invents itself - it is about to be refreshed yet again, so a new look with fresh items from the store giving a prime reason to re-visit. Details can be found on their website.