September 10, 2011

Figure fun at the Fair

We have an entire cabinet dedicated to 18th century porcelain figures at the AAADA fair in Sydney.

There are a startling number of different manufacturers represented.
Above (left to right) is a small Orleans white figure of a boy; an Italian Doccia figural snuff with an embracing couple; a small white Mennecy (French) box in the form of a Chinaman, with silver mount hallmarked for 1750-6; a larger Mennecy box with a reclining shepherd and his dog, Paris marks for 1762; and a fantastic Saint Cloud snuff box in the form of a reclining buffalo, with a comical colorful Chinoiserie scene to both sides of the lid, bearing Paris hallmarks for 1738-44 to the silver mounts.
In the background are two examples of "Water" by Derby.

This group includes a very rare Chelsea-Derby miniature figure of a gent, marked with a double-anchor mark unique to a handful of these figures; A scent bottle is from the extraordinary rare firm of St James, previously known as 'Girl in the Swing'. This piece is a Commedia d'arte piece, with Columbine and Harlequin, and has a swan stopper. The seal to the right is a lady with an anchor, representing 'Hope' . She was part of the famous Blohm collection.

Animals feature in this scene, with seals- a pair of kissing doves and a hen & chicks from Chelsea, and a comical dog from St James. In the background is a herd of Derby Deer.

More seals include another comical St James piece - a dwarf in a tricorn hat, looking for all the world like a later period Toby Jug, but dating to circa 1750.
The other seal is a boy with a flaming torch, probably representing Winter, and also St James, mid 18th century.
In the background is a remarkable Vienna figure of a couple, a rare perfect piece from the 1760's.

All these items are available on the Moorabool Antiques website.