May 01, 2012

The 2012 AAADA Melbourne Antique Fair is about to begin!

Moorabool will be coming to Melbourne for this special 'show' - and will display over 1,000 choice pieces.
Although not ceramic, I would like to share an amazing pair of andirons, also known as fire-dogs or chinets. Made from beautifully detailed bronze, they have a patinated figure seated on an ormolu scroll base. I am attracted to them because it is very easy to imagine them as a pair of Meissen - or Chelsea - porcelain figures, rather than gilt bronze!

The designs are pure Chinoiserie, and come from the wonderful imagination of Jean Pillemont (1728-1808), the French master designer of the rococo age. In his fanciful designs, Chinese figures parade through landscapes of scrollwork, often resting such as in this case. The umbrellas are a delightful feature, being organic leaf-forms very much in keeping with the rococo spirit of the pieces.
While much imitated in the 19th & 20th century, these remarkable pieces show all the signs of period ormolu, and date to the mid-18th century.

They are on show at the 2012 AAADA antique fair in Melbourne, and can also be seen on our website - here is their individual item page.