February 09, 2013

Catalogue almost ready!

I am pleased to say the 2013 Moorabool catalogue is coming along nicely. Due to be released on Saturday 23rd February, it's filled with an amazing collection - over 60 pages this time!
 Here are a few items from the 500+ items in the 2013 Recent Acquisitions exhibition.
Wedgwood basalt hedgehog, or porcupine, early 19th century
Derby vase, circa 1758-60

Lowestoft coffee can, circa 1758-60

Creamware coffee pot, decorated in the workshop of David Rhodes, circa 1775

English enamel scent bottle, South Staffordshire, circa 1780

A selection of Staffordshire enamel card trays, 1780's

Blanc-de-Chine figure of Guanyin, circa 1680

Just plain silly!
A 'Grebe' jug by Brannam of Barum, circa 1900

Swansea cup & saucer, flowers by Billingsley

These are a few samples from the 2013 Catalogue. Once completed in the very near future, it will be a downloadable PDF and posted here.

Any questions, feel free to email us!