February 07, 2011

Flower show

We have a whole tribe of little porcelain boys for our upcoming exhibition. These were the most prolific figure creations of the English porcelain factories in the eighteenth century, in particular Derby. These are all mostly Derby from the 1760-80 period.

They look like contestants in a competition: here is the dog show - (these two are Bow, c.1760-70)

- and they are girls, as can be seen by their plats in their hair. I had not noticed this before, assuming they were the same as the flower boys.

Here is the Flower Competition....

And here's a sample of ceramic racism: the pure porcelain boys all stare at the pottery boy....

He's different! He dates to about the same period, but is from one of the Staffordshire potteries. He is actually rarer than the porcelain boys he is copied from!

I'm sure they will all learn to get along just fine together, come our Exhibition2011 in a few months, where they will all be released for sale.