February 18, 2011

Something familiar....

Cataloguing again!
This is a rarity for the pottery fanatics-
A Liverpool delft tile, printed by Sadler with a peasant scene. It has a distinct border which dates it to the 1758-61 period.

The scene is very funny, and very familiar (I have twin 4 year olds and a newborn baby).....

I'd be the man at the right, looking away slightly queasy....!

Sadler was an interesting character. Born into a printing family in Liverpool, he served his apprenticeship with his father before setting up his own printing business in one of dad's houses in 1758. He was most probably aware of the hi-tech development of printing onto porcelain, which had been achieved in the London region at the Bow and Vauxhaul factories around 1755. He teamed up with an employee of his fathers, Guy Green, and in 1756 applied for a patient on the process. The trouble was, there were three other patients for the protection of the same process already applied for, in 1751, 1754, and 1755.....
So he made sure in the documentation that it was clear he pre-dated the other patients, by claiming he had been using the process for 7 years, ie since 1749!
In any event, Sadler & Green did not receive the patent protection, but that did not stop them from becoming the major suppliers of prints to the region, with their work appearing on Liverpool tin glaze delft, Liverpool porcelain, and several creamware manufacturers products.

This tile will be released for sale in our soon to be announced 2011 Exhibition, in our Geelong premises and on our website.