March 23, 2012

2012 Catalogue for Moorabool is here!

Moorabool Antique Galleries, home to the largest range of genuine Antique Ceramics in Australia, has just released its 2012 catalogue.

It's a lavish, glossy affair that does justice to the superb items within.

60 pages overflowing with antiques, mostly pottery & porcelain -

- with plenty of interesting insights to bring the items to life. Topics include:
Freshly discovered Bow figures, a Worcester Blind Earl sweet meat circa 1760, a shell shaped Worcester dish from the Zorensky Collection, C.1754, a fine selection of Lowestoft including a bowl from the Norwich Castle Collection, a look at the products of the Liverpool factories, including a teapot with pheasants attributed to William Reid & Co, a fine selection of James Giles decoration on Worcester porcelain, including a stunning pair of serving dishes from a Lady Mary Wortley Montagu type service, A Thomas Baxter feature including a newly attributed Chamberlains plate with a French peasant to the center, another of classical figures on Swansea porcelain, and a most unusual Coalport piece with patriotic rose and acorn panel; some documentary Swansea plates with pattern no. 721- birds on a branch- which is also 16 numbers higher than the previously highest Swansea pattern number; a look at the Swansea imitators who fulfilled the demand for fine porcelain after the failure of the Swansea works in the 1820's, a look at William Billingsley's contribution to the ceramic world of the late 18th/ early 19th century, including a rare W(***) bough pot painted with a landscape by Billingsley at Mansfiled, a French tureen with botanicals almost certainly by his hand at Brampton, some Pinxton, a good look at Factory X, Y, & Z and their recent attribution to Keeling (X) and Thomas Wolfe (Z) with many interesting examples, a look at the Nglish Hard Paste story with examples of Plymouth, Bristol, and the eventual children's factories in Staffordshire, a rare Wolfe, Mason & Lucock plate made at the Islington Pottery in Liverpool, Miles Mason, Newhall, a gathering of English Armorial replacement plates from various early 19th century factories; From the Continent, a supremely rare Meissen Bottger porcelain teabowl & saucer with the tea plant applied decoration, made 1710-15, a gilt chinoiserie teabowl & saucer with Seuter decoration c. 1725, a Meissen butter tub with Klinger decoration, a Saint Cloud cup & saucer with unusual N mark, a rare Mennecy unglazed urn & cover, a Sèvres yellow ground cup & saucer by Madam Bunel, 1786; a Vienna Gardner figure with a large pot, dating to 1749, a period Capodimonte plate with cherubs c.1780, a fascinating jug attributed to Herculanium, Liverpool, dated 1809, a creamware mug of Australian interest with a convict - Barrington- on it, a German stove tile from the 16th century, a leadlight panel by Stephan Kellner, a pair of French ormolu andirons (fire dogs) after a design by Pillemont, circa 1750, a page of mugs, another of jugs, some supremely rare English pottery, Irish Dublin delft, Staffordshire elephants and cats, stirrup cups including a pugs head, French faience, pages of tea canisters (caddies) of every description, a collection of 18th century milk jugs, some interesting Chinese Export European patterns, a collection of Sukathai stonewares from 12th century Thailand, Majapahit pottery models, some Chinese rarities including Song Dynasy Qingbai dishes, Han Dynasty bronzes, Ming houses and models, Roman glass and artifacts, Egyptian artifacts including a bronze Anubis with an inscription, Etruscan bronze figures, some stunning pre-columbian including a Mayan cylinder vessel with he Hero Twins, c.800AD........ just to name a few items!
If you kept your attention through that amble among the pages of the 2012 Moorabool catalogue, make sure you obtain a copy for yourself- pop over to and download one, or request a printed copy.

Excitement awaits on every page- all 60 of them!