March 27, 2012

Patriotic Caudle Cup by Thomas Baxter, c.1800

An interesting piece from our upcoming 2012 Exhibition is this Coalport double handled candle cup, superbly painted in the Baxter studio with large realistic flower groups, one side with roses, tulip, and an iris, the other with a patriotic mixture of oak leaves and acorns mixed with roses. 
Unmarked it dates to circa 1810.
 The painting is distinctively Baxter's hand at work: note the delicate veining to the iris, and the small fuzzy thorns to the rose stem.
What is quite unusual, possibly unique, is the reverse: it has a patriotic British flair, with the Rose mixed with Oak branches, complete with Acorns.
references: Wilstead & Morris- Thomas Baxter, the Swansea years- p68 for a plate with the same feel of life-like flowers, painted a few years later. The same style can be seen on the famous 'Garden Scenery' service painted while Baxter was at Swansea, c.1817. ref. p41 for examples, also Nance- The pottery & porcelain of Swansea & Nantgarw- pl CXX for other pieces from the service, including very similar irises & roses.
references: Messenger- Coalport- p122 for the shape, decorated in bright elaborate gilding and flowers, attributed to an independent decorating studio and generally thought to be the work of the Baxter studio.

This item is part of the 2012 Exhibition at Moorabool Antique Galleries, Geelong, Australia.
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